The founder of BMG Sales is Bruce Garry.  Bruce has been a huge part of the
New York New Jersey scene for almost 20 years. He began his career on the
retail side and then came over to the rep and manufacturers' side of the house.  
Many of the top sales professionals at companies such as Gemini, Numark,
B-52, Technical Pro and Chauvet  have known or worked with Bruce over the

This combination of experience in both sides of the industry allows BMG Sales to
uniquely represent lines in the best possible manner.  This insight allows both
the dealers' and manufacturers' concerns to be addressed.

As representatives, our main focus is to ensure that our client's merchandise is
properly displayed in store locations and that store personnel are well informed
of key selling features.   BMG believes that the success of our lines is dependent
on taking care of the dealer base. Our follow up and focus on customer
satisfaction helps explain the success and increase in sales experienced by our

Manufacturers such as  Chauvet, Bosch,  Electro-Voice, Dynacord, Midas,
Klark-Teknik, Show Solutions, and Lightronics  have trusted BMG Sales to
represent them in the nation's most competitive market.
Company History